The Hunts

We offer Fully Guided Archery hunts during the Prime Time for anyone to be in the midwest, “THE RUT” and minimal Fully Guided Shotgun hunts. All of our hunts are 100 % FREE RANGE, and we maintain a strict 130″ Antler minimum on all of our properties. We have multiple farms that are compiled with some of the finest most fertile agriculture ground in the midwest, and most of which has had strict herd management set in place for over 13 years now.


Food Plots

Each year we reserve around 15 acres worth of food plots of standing soybeans and standing corn at the same time of harvest on each of our farms. This has been a very effective way for us to inventory our deer herd and have many successful hunts here at Buck Creek Farms. We also have around 15 acres of permanent alfalfa and clover plots planted on each farm that maintains our deer herd throughout the year.


Stands and Blinds

While we use mostly (Millennium Treestands ©) lock-on stands with stick-ladders, we do have several lean-tos and ground-blinds available. We also have numerous oversized shooting houses on each farm that can be used for both archery/shotgun during inclement weather. A hunter may feel free to bring their climber-stands for limited use, but they are seldom used.


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