I can say that I have been blessed to be able to hunt at Buck Creek Farms for the last 5 years, with a heavy emphasis on “Blessed”. The reason I say “Blessed” is that I have gotten to know some of the finest people you will every encounter in your life. Doug & Sandy Payne and David & Courtney McKay are just plain good country folks with a love for hunting and more importantly a love for God. When you first walk into the camp, it doesn’t take long to feel the warmth & hospitality that they exude and it gets even better when you sit down for a meal. The ladies do an outstanding job with the cooking and if you have a “Special Needs Diet” they go out of their way to accommodate you with this also. The accommodations are first class and everything that you need will be available to you from washer & dryer to parts for your bow if you have an emergency.

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of stories about killing big bucks – but it’s not because I didn’t have the opportunity but because I can write a book on “What Not To Do When Bow Hunting”!!!!!! I had several opportunities at nice deer from 130 inch to high of 175-180 inch but old man Buck Fever or just plain old Bad Luck always seemed to find me just about the time it was going to happen – anyway, that is why they call in Hunting instead of Killing. This past season one of the guys in our hunting group killed a 193 inch deer which was just an awesome deer and got all of our hunting group looking forward to going back this season. You will have an option of hunting from a lock-on stand, ladder stand or box blind – which is nice if the weather is too bad. Maybe this will be my year!!!!!

Also, during your week of hunting you will get to know Doug & David through two short bible studies or life lessons and get to feel their passion for doing what is right and sharing their God with you, attendance to this is voluntary but I highly recommend it because it really is a good deal and you get to feel after these men hearts. I highly recommend this hunt and even if you don’t kill anything, I don’t think you will leave disappointed.

Bruce McNabb

I have watched numerous outdoor shows on TV and many times I have heard “today we are hunting in Pike County, Illinois”.  I had been hunting in Kansas for a few years, but never thought I would have the opportunity to hunt in some of the same locations as the TV shows were filmed!  I had a couple of friends that had recently visited Buck Creek Farms and when they returned with the stories, the only choice I had was to book a hunt.  During my very first afternoon hunt, I saw the biggest buck that I had ever laid eyes on and he walked within 75 yards of me.  I was not able to take a shot on him, but that was a sure sign that I was in the right place!  The hunting property, accommodations, lodge and the hospitality are all first class.  And of course, if you like great southern cooking, you will not find anything better than Buck Creek Farms.  Doug, Sandy, David and Courtney are all delightful people with a definite heart for God.  They all treat you like family from the time you walk through the front doors.  It is comforting to know that I have found a place that not only I can go, but I can also bring my son one day, and we can have the same Christian environment that we are accustomed to at home.  Well done, Buck Creek Farms!  October is just around the corner!

 Jeff Acreman

Whitetail hunting with Buck Creek Farms is like a breath of fresh air. David, Courtney, Doug and Sandy are for real the most sincere individuals we have ever met anywhere. They not only have plenty of Whitetail bucks but also hearts full of love for the Lord that they pass on freely to all their clientele. A great Christian experience and an area full of Whitetail bucks, what a combination.

Tim and Shirley Strickland

My first deer hunting camp experience occurred when I was 16 years old. That was 46 years ago. Since that time I have been an avid deer hunter as a member and guest in many camps. When the invitation to hunt Buck Creek Farms in Illinois came I quickly agreed. The invite came with the instructions of no alcohol. No problem… Then the instructions were to bring my Bible for Bible study. My thoughts turned to what is this? Am I going to take a week of vacation and pay to hunt while being force fed religion? I was given assurances that would not be the case, so I went on the hunt. Thank goodness I did! What I found was outfitters that truly provide a quality trophy deer hunt while giving hunters the opportunity to become aware of their surroundings and their relationship with God. As a Christian hunter I found this week to be one of the best weeks of my life. What could be better than to have a good chance to bag a trophy buck while hunting with Christian outfitters and guests. The only thing I could think of was to share the experience, so I booked a hunt for the next year and included my two sons. Now we cant wait until next year. Oh, did I mention the southern cooking with homemade desserts. Better diet before you come!

Johnny Sanders

I have often wondered if you could mix hunting and getting close to God together. Well at Buck Creek Farms they have successfully done just that. For a bow hunter, it is truly a paradise. Then if you mix Christian fellowship and devotion time with that, you have an unforgettable hunt every time. If your desire is bow hunting big whitetails and great Christian hospitality, Buck Creek Farms is for you!

Keith Rhodes

Wow! “What a beautiful place” will be your knee jerk reaction as you drive up to Buck Creek Farms for the first time. You know you read and hear a lot of outfitters selling their wares at different trade shows and outdoor events that don’t seem to pan out in the long run. Well your search is over! David McKay and Doug Payne are the real deal with Buck Creek Farms, what they tell you about their operation at the trade show will be what you get when you arrive at the farm. The most impressive part of the operation is the ministry and the atmosphere they provide every day. The Lord has blessed both men spiritually and financially to be able to provide you a number of farms in Pike and Calhoun counties to chase the buck of your dreams. While you do so you will be intrigued at how you will become a part of the family for the week. These two guys are not in the outfitter business to make money. They have embraced this endeavor to provide a ministry to you while doing what you like to do in an atmosphere like no other camp you have been involved in. The money you pay is put back in the operation to improve the experience in the years to come. I have made several hunts since the operation started and last year I brought my wife and my daughter. Thats right! My wife and my daughter accompanied me to a deer camp in Illinois! What a special week. The girls were made to feel at home and a part of the group, not to mention they had a ball sitting in the stands and watching the deer. By the way, the deer hunting is awesome too! There is not enough room on the website for me to speak to the whitetail population and the events that you will witness from the stand. So, with all that said, book a hunt. You will not be disappointed.

David Briggs

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