Welcome to Buck Creek Farms

Christian Family Hunting in Historic Pike and Calhoun County, Illinois.

Have you ever spent a lot of time looking for a good clean place to take friends and family hunting, only to be disappointed after you had gotten there? So have I… I started hunting in Illinois in 1996. While it became my first and last stop for big whitetails, I still could not find a lodge with the atmosphere I had been looking for. In 2000, God placed it on my heart to start Buck Creek Farms, a place where someone could come enjoy the best whitetail hunting found anywhere and enjoy Christian fellowship at the same time. What a great idea!

In 2004, I brought in Doug Payne, a life-long friend to help fine tune and finish the plan God placed on my heart years earlier. He too had hunted Illinois for years and looked for the same kind of place I had looked for. We both love the Lord and saw no reason why we had to stop worshiping Him while we hunted.

Today we own several farms and lease a few more on the Pike and Calhoun County line, we have two comfortable lodges equipped with two of the best cooks around. How does great cooking with plenty of meat, potatoes and homemade pies sound? I thought so, and don’t forget the deer! This area of Illinois is known for BIG BUCKS and lots of them.

We also encourage our hunters to join us in prayer and Bible study while you are at our lodges. Whether we are thanking God for a big buck that has been harvested or studying the Word on devotion night, we want to honor God in all that we do.

Does this sound like what you have been searching for? Then come and enjoy a week of Great hunting and fellowship with the Buck Creek Family. Sandy, Doug, Courtney and I hope to see you soon, so you can become a part of our family.

David McKay



Psalms 42:1


We offer Fully Guided Archery hunts during the Prime Time for anyone to be in the midwest, “THE RUT” and minimal Fully Guided Shotgun hunts. All of our hunts are 100 % FREE RANGE, and we maintain a strict 130″ Antler minimum on all of our properties. We have multiple farms that are compiled with some of the finest most fertile agriculture ground in the midwest, and most of which has had strict herd management set in place for over 13 years now.



Buck Creek Farms have two lodges 1 mile apart. Each lodge has multiple bathrooms and can sleep 12 guests with private rooms available for couples. High quality mattresses insure you a good nights sleep. Telephones are there for those who need them, along with satellite TV. Both lodges have large mudrooms to store all of your gear and dress for the hunt, covered facilities to clean your animals, and commercial ice makers to ice down the meat.


Why Buck Creek

For 14 years now Buck Creek Farms has been on a mission, a mission to provide their clients with an opportunity at a Trophy Buck of a life time, a mission to provide their clients with the comforts of their own home, a mission to help each client experience what Midwest Hunting is all about and all the while doing so in a strong Christian Atmosphere. Here at Buck Creek Farms we pride ourselves on our return clientele, you may come here a stranger but you will leave part of our family!


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